Silent Music

Silent Music

Music for The Form 1.

1. Expansion ~ 9min Expansion

Expansion was originally a short sketch, created for the opening and closing credits of videos from the Bernie Prior Foundation. The fact that it was then expanded to become a much ‘wider’ piece perfectly mirrors the inner expansion that takes place as one enters The Form.

2. Silent Music ~ 19min Silent Music

This is the piece of music used on the cosmoFORM™ and The Form video clips. Two weeks before the first major earthquake I was driving into Christchurch down the big hill that separates our bay from the city, I was feeling a profound stillness and silence within, and this 3 note phrase, very high, was repeating in me, over and over and over… I knew to make that music… After the earthquake I realized that what I had created was a requiem, deeply connected to the earthquake…

3. Ocean of Awareness ~ 35min Ocean of Awareness

This piece was (to my surprise) entirely conceived and composed one night while on retreat with Bernie Prior in Byron Bay after a day excursion to see the massive waves breaking at the head of the peninsula.